Winter could never make The Next Hole less exciting!



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Though winter solstice gave us, at the office and all of you who are both golfers and art lovers, an extra hour to squeeze in a few practice putts or a quick trip to the shooting range. That hour is also, unfortunately, the heralding of winter. Not to worry! For those of us that will not be going on a nice trip to scratch the itch there is always comic relief and the anticipation for The Next Hole.

The Next Hole

This piece by Gilliermo Forchino possesses the detail, comedy, and presence that is synonymous with its artisan’s name. Available in red, green, and yellow this piece separates itself from its contemporaries with a sense of humor and a colorful nature that is an essential element of the freeze frame. Dick and his buddy Harry decide to have a silent game on a beautiful spring morning. But it all goes wrong.At least for Dick. He accidentally creates holes on the turf in his putting trajectory, loses several balls, breaks a club— but the worst of all of it is having to deal with the smug smile on Harry’s face. All in all, nothing a beer can’t fix.

A perfect piece for a beginning golfer. As well as for all of us who still have those bad days at the course peppered in. Forchino offers us an opportunity to laugh at our moments of failure. In The Next Hole Hary is already working on a smile, while Dick is working on it along with his beer. All while the residue of their disastrous day at the course is on full display. Cracked golf-cart windshield and all. Each small detail very realistically rendered and articulated in a way that compliments the world of caricature Forchino has created.