Thomas Blashear’s Ebony Visions and Exciting News of What’s to Come!

We here at The Collection Shop were buzzing with excitement as five prototype artist proofs, of Thomas Blackshear’s Ebony Visions, came through our offices. What a thrill. Beautifully composed, masterfully sculpted, and robust in color. As always Thomas does not disappoint with his use of the self-realized style Art Nouveau.

We sat in a circle around the pieces: Lady Peacock, 15 Minute Wait, and three pieces of the new A Child Shall Lead Them Collection.

Now and then, Blackshear delivers with an elegant piece he decides to place asymmetrically on its base. This is my favorite part of Lady Peacock. She perches on the extreme left of a circular base as her dress flows over its diameter. Her beautiful form and wardrobe is inspired by one of nature’s most colorful birds. And just like the peacock this Lady’s navy blue one piece acts as a sturdy color base for Thomas’s signature tertiary colors. Which successfully sparks a balanced dance between the eye and this asymmetrical piece.

Lady Peacock—Click Here To Pre-Order


The next piece we got a extra exclusive sneak peak at was 15 Minute Wait. The sophomore piece in the On the Town series Thomas began with Steppin’ Out. Equally glamorous the couple depicted in this piece wait casually in line at a club or at a snazzy restaurant. So unlike Steppin’ Out, 15 Minute Wait possesses less movement. However, due to the solid energetic robust blocks of color and stoic confidence of its figures, this piece matches its predecessor in energy. Here Thomas Blackshear allows us to wait for his next installment of this series… in style.

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The A Child Shall Lead Them Collection is made up of three pieces depicting African children leading their continent’s endangered species. Which includes the Mandrill ape, the Secretary Bird, Cheetah, White Rhino, and Jardine Parrot. Also, unlike Lady Peacock, these pieces are compositionally balanced singularly and as a group. Resulting in three adorable  and aesthetically captivating series. What makes this series even more special is Thomas’ resolve to donate a portion of proceeds to Tusk. A non-profit organization raising funds for wildlife conservation and community development programs in nineteen African countries.

A Child Shall Lead Them Set—Click Here To Pre-Order

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All in all it was a great day today at The Collection Shop! An even greater pleasure to share the world’s first review of these pieces to the public. And though the exciting artist proof prototypes are still subject to change, I still recommend that you check out our detailed videos and experience three of the pieces virtually!


Review Written by James Sprang