Paradise Season by James Coleman Leaves Quite an Impression!

Paradise Season- James Coleman

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James Coleman’s work has always been about articulating architecture and the sublime with his paintbrush. His most recent work Paradise Season continues this pattern with a twist and portrays the amount of fun Coleman has while creating his work. Paradise Season is an homage to, and a celebration of, the universally acclaimed Looney Tunes. Some of our favorite characters from the series are kicking back in the serene setting: Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Sylvester, Tweety, Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote and even Bugs Bunny!

The aesthetic of this fun and illustrious painting is reminiscent of Impressionism,  a movement in the 19th century originating in Paris. The term Impressionism derived from Claude Monet’s hurried still-life soliel leviant (Impression,sunrise) which attempted to capture his impression of the beautiful sunrise, not through realism but through a use of color, application of paint, and composition to capture the subject’s affect in the ephemerality of the moment. Like much of the work from this period in the 18th century you can see Coleman’s loose hand in Paradise Season and well as his careful attention to color and ambiance.

Claude Monet- Soliel Levant


Claude Monet


Not only is this work bright, fun, and captivating, but it is also a departure in aesthetic from the majority of James Coleman’s work, making this painting a coveted print. In addition, unlike other material portraying these acclaimed characters, this work has a very limited edition size– only 100 of these fine art prints are on the market, and 15 artist proofs! Making Paradise Season an exciting print for any collector of artwork or Looney Tune memorabilia.


Review Written by James Sprang