The resources page is provided to offer basic information related to collecting collectible items, understanding the terminologies in the naming of pieces as well as insight on the value of retired items on the secondary market.

What is the Secondary Market?
The secondary market is the buying and selling of collectibles previously sold on the primary market by retailers to collectors. Secondary market prices are determined by the collectors themselves who are buying and selling collectibles. Many of these trades take place through The Bradford Exchange, while many others are transacted through dealers, newspaper ads, collector’s clubs and local buy-and-sells. In many cases, secondary market prices are higher than those of the primary market. Of course, not all collectibles go up in value; some go down. If there are more buyers for a particular collectible than there are people willing to sell . . . the price goes up. If on the other hand there are more people wishing to sell than buyers . . . the price goes down till the buying and selling market balances out . . . much like the stock exchange.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>What do all those terms mean?</a>- A Collectibles Glossary

Annual Edition – a new piece created annually, usually for a long-running series.

Backstamp – a legal mark or logo put on the bottom of a figurine or the back of a plate as proof of authenticity.

Certificate of Authenticity – a document that accompanies a piece denoting the name of the manufacturer, artist, date, size of the edition, etc.

Cold-cast – a type of resin that is set by a chemical process as opposed to heat – this process allows for great detail.

Collector’s Club – a society that usually charges annual dues that include special pieces, newsletters, exclusives, etc.

Club Piece – a piece that is included in the annual membership dues of a collector’s club

Event – a special happening for collectors, e.g. artist signing, collectibles show, demonstration, etc.

Event Piece – a piece that is made specifically for a particular event and available only to those who attend – these are generally valuable on the secondary market.

Issue Price – the manufacturers suggested retail price at the time a piece is first introduced for sale.

Limited Edition – a manufacturing run that is restricted to a limited number of pieces.

Limited Production – a manufacturing run that is restricted to a limited amount of time.

Numbered – pieces are numbered within an edition – lower numbers are generally more desirable.

Porcelain – a hard-fired ceramic with smooth lines and light detail – the original medium for collectible figurines.

Resin – a plastic material that allows for fine detailing in collectible sculptures.

Retired – a piece that the manufacturer has decided to stop making – from that point it will only be available on the secondary market.

Secondary Market – collectibles sold by private collectors, not the original retailers.

Signed – a piece that either comes signed by the artist or is signed at an event specifically for the collector.

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