A Warm Fuzzy Feeling with Charles Wysocki’s Frederick the Literate

In the past Charles Wysocki’s work has been called everything from historically challenging and informative to relaxed and detailed. However the comment that I find most applicable to this piece, Frederick the Literate, is a sound bite from one of Wysocki’s past showcases— “It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside!” Ok, ok. Yes that was a simple joke to make. But it was funny. Wasn’t it? The sprit of Frederick the Literate completely revolves around silly wit; while reveling in its simple detail and clear articulation of clever book titles and seamless rendering of figures.

Wysocki’s artistic hand is seen vividly in the creative one-liners that grace the bindings Fredrick’s library. While his brush strokes are seamless, making the painting extremely tangible. Creating textures that raise the hairs on your fingertips and heighten the irony of the work due to its realistic depiction.

A cat lover and literary enthusiast, Charles Wysocki has dedicated this piece to his favorite cat. Whose name is… you guessed it Frederick! All fellow cat lovers contact The Collection Shop now for what is arguably Charles Wysocki’s most beloved cat painting. It is available for the first (and last!) time in a giclée canvas edition for a very small group of collectors who order this Anniversary edition. The edition will be limited to the exact number of collectors who order it by June 30, 2011. After that date, no more orders will be taken and no more canvas gicleés will be produced.